About Us

Who We Are

We’re an independently-owned business, founded in 1988. Harry Landers & Noah McMurray are the principals. Laura Slack works on personal lines coverages.

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What We Do

We place unusual and specialized property and casualty insurance with admitted and approved non-admitted insurance companies for risks located in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

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How We Do It

We’re problem-solvers. People come to us for help in placing coverage that standard insurance companies are unable to write. It’s our job to figure out a way to place the insurance.

It may be that the applicant fits into a classification that is outside of the grid of what standard insurance companies are willing to even consider, regardless of the merits of the particular risk. We take the time to discover and understand the individual characteristics of what each risk is all about.

Some risks are uninsurable in standard markets because of their prior loss history. We’ll ask the right questions to enable us to find a way to fix the problem. Solutions may include changes in the way the applicant operates, higher deductibles, restrictive policy wording or sometimes, just higher premiums.

When applicants are involved in new or unusual operations that other insurance underwriters can’t handle, because they don’t understand the nature of the risk, or don’t have adequate actuarial experience to know how to price coverage, or don’t have a policy form that does the job, we’ll work to provide custom-manuscripted solutions.

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With Whom We Do It

We don’t deal directly with the insurance-buying public.

Our clients are properly licensed insurance agents and brokers with whom we have contractual relationships. Generally, these insurance professionals have long-standing relationships with their clients and they come to us for help with one specific part of the account. They understand the big picture of an insured’s entire insurance portfolio and how each policy fits together. While we don’t expect our producers to have expert knowledge in every esoteric policy form (that’s one of the reasons they come to us), we do value their broad knowledge and understanding of property and casualty insurance and count on them to translate between the insured and the insurance company. We provide coaching as needed to help them to help their clients.

We welcome inquiries from new producers who feel that they and their clients could benefit from an ongoing relationship with Landers Underwriting.

On the other side of the equation, are the insurance companies where we place business. We maintain ongoing relationships with a number of admitted and approved non-admitted insurers. We constantly analyze the balance needed to be sure that we have the necessary tools to solve our clients’ problems, while fostering strong relationships with our risk-bearing partners.

We’re proud of the financial strength, stability and underwriting creativity of the companies that we represent. Our relationships with insurers vary from purely brokerage dealings, in which we present a risk and the company offers terms, to those in which Landers Underwriting maintains broad underwriting autonomy.

We do business with the following insurers:

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Why We Do It

We enjoy the challenge of creative problem-solving. While cookie-cutter insurance programs can certainly be profitable, it’s just not our strength. We’d rather be cutting trails than travelling well-worn paths.

“Intellectual curiosity” is important to us. Over the years, we’ve come to see just how important intellectual curiosity is to successful insurance underwriting. It means that we think about the information that we have about a risk, apply a bit of logic and ask questions. It’s not rocket science. It’s just things that anybody who wants to learn would ask. “How does your product work”? “So, who would want to buy something like that?” “How do you learn to do that?”

Intellectual curiosity can help agents to fully understand exactly what exposures their clients have, just as much as it helps us to evaluate those exposures. It means we’re communicating with our clients and doing something more than filling our applications. We think that intellectual curiosity is the key to finding personal fulfillment and satisfaction in our jobs. One of the wonderful things about being in the insurance business is having the opportunity to learn about so many other businesses and the people who run them.

So, when we’re being asked to insure a vacant building, we’ll ask things like, “What are the owner’s plans?” and “What happened to the prior tenant?” When we’re being asked to provide professional liability on a consulting firm with five employees and $100,000 projected receipts, we’ll ask how those five employees are going to feed their families. When we see an umbrella liability application from a business working on “instructional system development methodology for electronic performance support systems” we’ll say “Huh? What’s that? Explain it to us slowly. Just what do they do every morning when they finish their coffee?”

We don’t know all the answers; we just like to ask questions. If you think the same way, you’ll enjoy working with Landers Underwriting.

Another thing. We also like to have fun. Sure, the job needs to be done, and we know how to perform under pressure. But, that doesn’t mean our work lives have to be miserable. We do business with people that we like.

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How You Can Do Business With Us

It’s best to call first. We’ll have a chat about what your needs are and what our capabilities are. Try us a few times and see if you like how we perform. Before we place a first piece of business for a new client, we’ll want to have an executed Producer Agreement and a completed Agency Questionnaire.

We’ll always provide written quotations outlining the terms that we’re offering on each risk. We’ll try to anticipate questions with respect to unusual forms and endorsements by including specimen copies of policy wording. We’ll spell out exactly what has to be done to bind coverage.

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